Yoga: Its Purpose, Benefits, and When to do it

yoga_fullI became interested in yoga when I’ve watch an ad that is using a yoga exercise. It catches my mind since it is only crossing legs and meditation, and that is already an exercise! Below is some research I did to know more about yoga.

A brief introduction to yoga

Once you hear about yoga, the position that will pop up your mind is seated with crossed legs while doing meditation. But it is not only that. There are other steps that you can learn when you start yoga. Absolutely yoga can be for beginners as well who want to experience meditation and do it as exercise. It has been for years that yoga is being used as an exercise by many. The modern yoga is based on the yoga exercises that are being created by the coaches and mixed with the traditional yoga exercises. This means that yoga is still yoga.

Overview of Yoga

Yoga is from the word Yuj which is a Sanskrit word, meaning the union of an individual and its universal consciousness. Yoga is part of the Vedic literature that was put forward by Maharishi Patanjali almost 5000 years ago. He revealed eight limbs of yoga which are social ethics (Yama), personal ethics (Niyama), postures (Asana), life force (Pranayama), turning your senses inwards (Pratyahara), 1-pointed focus (Dharana), merging with yourself (Samadhi) and meditation (Dhyana).

There are various schools of philosophy that yoga comprises of, but the main thing that yoga is aiming for is the teaching of yoga with physical postures. And in the past decades, yoga became different and had been a natural therapy that everyone can take. The United Nations passes a resolution to make 21st of June as International Yoga Day.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a kind of exercise that is not only using physical ability, but also using mental practice. It originated from India and the traditional yoga has already come a long way. There is now modern yoga being practiced by many people and benefitting from it as well. Yoga can be done at home alone or with friends or family.

What is the purpose of Yoga?

If you are feeling stressed and exhausted from work, you can do yoga and relax. Yoga is a calm exercise that is good for muscles. Though it is not a sport, you can still get your energy out and avoid being hurt because it teaches you how to do the stretching correctly. This will also improve your flexibility and strength. Yoga can make your mind and body relaxed.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Aside from flexibility and strength, there are other benefits that you can get from exercising yoga. Yoga is ideal to perfect your posture. Poor posture is really bad for your body. It can cause neck, back, and different muscle and joint summer_yogini_jpegproblems. Yoga can also protect your spine, and improve bone health. It also increases blood flow, boosts immunity, drops high blood pressure, regulates adrenal glands, lowers blood sugar, makes you happier, and so much more.

How frequently should you do Yoga?

It depends on you for how frequently you want to do yoga. Once a week can be fine, but that is the minimum time that you can do yoga. One hour per week will be perfect for you as a beginner. If you cannot make it, then add another hour on your next yoga.

Yoga is a perfect exercise if you want to meditate and if you need a calm exercise. I would like to try to make progress in yoga since it is so interesting to stretch and meditate and improve my posture.