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Yoga – 3 tips on choosing the right studio

Yoga – 3 tips on choosing the right studio

by February 20, 2018 Yoga

The society is quickly embracing yoga because many people have come to appreciate its many benefits. This has resulted in yoga studios popping up and spreading like wildfire. The question many beginners are asking is, how can they identify a good yoga studio that will enable them realize its many benefits? That’s precisely the reason for this article.

Let’s look at 3 things you need to look out for when trying to find the right studio.

Tip 1: The style the studio offers

Different people take yoga classes for different reasons. It’s therefore necessary for you to find out whether the style the yoga studio offers will help you achieve the benefits you are looking for. Most studios specialize in specific yoga styles so it’s upon you to do your due diligence in order to determine what style works best for you.

Tip 2: The level of training of the yoga instructor

It’s very important for you to do some basic research to find out how much experience the yoga instructor has before you sign up to any studio. The reality about yoga is that some of the poses that are done may result in serious injuries if not done correctly therefore you must be under the tutelage of a very experienced instructor so that you are in safe hands. Check for online reviews and also ask around especially students who have been visiting the studio for a couple of months.

Tip 3: Do they have a variety of yoga instructors

The reality about human interaction is that you may not have chemistry with everyone and this can apply to your yoga instructor. You may find a really good studio that checks all the boxes except an instructor you like. A good studio should be able to offer you a variety of instructors who you can comfortably work with.

All in all, never be in a rush to settle on a studio. It’s advisable to try a couple of them first for a couple of lessons so that you are better placed to determine which one serves your needs best.