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Here are the 3 most popular types of yoga

Here are the 3 most popular types of yoga

by March 15, 2018 Yoga

From our previous post, we had a brief overview of the 9 types of yoga that are practiced globally. We have decided to break it further down to the most popular types that are practiced by yoga enthusiasts globally. The thing that makes them popular is the benefits they bring to the person.

Here are the 3 most popular types of yoga that you definitely must try out that’s if you haven’t already.

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is basically the beginner’s class and the best introduction to yoga. Technically, it’s actually not a form of yoga but rather an overview of all the other types of yoga. As we mentioned in our previous post, hatha yoga is mostly about learning the basics therefore the classes tend to involve much slower movements that involve stretching  and breathing, and holding each pose for a couple of breaths. This form helps you master your breathing and maintaining of poses and is a really great remedy for stress at the same time offering a good workout.

Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga is an advanced form that focuses on learning sequenced movements. This type consists of a series of six sequenced yoga poses that have to be done in that very specific sequence during each class. Regardless of the studio you go to, the sequence of poses does not change because it’s a global standard. Each of these sequenced movements target different parts of your body therefore once you complete all six, you will have given your body a complete transformation. The first couple of sessions will be led by the instructor and once you get a grasp of the sequence, you can practice on your own.

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga and is quickly gaining traction in the west. It’s all about a combination of singing, chanting and meditating as you perform physical exercises that are coupled with some intense breath work. It’s all about realizing deeper self-awareness and is best suited for spiritual practice. This is the form of yoga that most people turn to when they want to raise the intensity of their sessions as it provides a combination of spiritual, mental as well as a physical workout.

Whereas these may be the 3 most popular types of yoga, you shouldn’t feel pressured into making them your first choice. Generally speaking, yoga is a personal choice therefore it’s more advisable to pick the types that work best for you. Take your time and have a feel of all the available types of yoga so that you can determine which work best for you.