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Our team at 21 Century Yoga is committed to instilling a culture of healthy living through yoga using our experiences and well researched content to motivate our readers to adopt an active lifestyle full of happiness and good health. Through our team of writers who are also seasoned yoga enthusiasts, it’s our intention to keep our audiences well informed through insightful articles that have been well curated, expertly researched and well written to enable better and much easier understanding.

We are working towards building an interactive community of yoga enthusiasts who appreciate the benefits of yoga in improving their lives through acquiring better self-control over their mental, physical, as well as emotional lives, and learning how to share their positive energy with everyone they come across. To this end, we invite you as a yoga enthusiast to contribute to this platform through sharing your own yoga experiences. Let someone else learn and benefit from your own experience as the spirit of yoga encourages give and take.

To become a contributor on 21 Century Yoga please fill in the form on our Contact Us page and a member of our editorial team will be in touch with you shortly.