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Osteopathy & Yoga: Getting Relief And Recovery From Back Pain

Osteopathy & Yoga: Getting Relief And Recovery From Back Pain

by June 15, 2020 Yoga

The spine is onsidered the most important part of the skeletal structure. It’s complexity also means it is the most susceptible to injury and stress-related pains. Unfortunately, most people have very little idea of how to properly care for their backs to prevent these pains. 

For a lot of people, incorrect or prolonged static posture is the main cause of back pains – whether they’re standing up, lying down or seated. Most of us are inclined to slouch because the position seems the most comfortable. It’s not a serious problem, though, but slouching, like any mechanically inefficient position, for prolonged periods, really does strain the back. Another probable cause is additional weight; it’s quite common for overweight people to suffer from back pains mainly because of the extra pressure on the joints. The third possible cause is injury; a bad fall, an accident or strong impact can injure the bones as well as the cartilage that serves as the bones’ shock absorber. The last cause could be a particular disease or illness that can either weaken the tissues or cause irritation to the nerve endings. 

Many are quick to take ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and other pain relievers to alleviate pain, but an effective and organic solution involving active movement therapies and education is now considered best practice. These days, those who prefer a more natural way of addressing pain seek exercise therapies, such as yoga or pilates. Active treatment via exercise has the strongest supporting evidence for back pain recovery, however, before starting an intensive yoga program it may be prudent to get medical advice and professional treatment to ensure your yoga practice will be safe and effective. There are a number of musculoskeletal health professional that can properly diagnose your back problem. Osteopaths are particularly well-trained to address spinal conditions and be very effective in treating a wide variety of back pains.  

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But what is osteopathy? Essentially it’s a philosophy and form of allied healthcare. It focuses on the interworking of the structure and function of the body, like the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This type of treatment facilitates the healing process through manual and manipulative therapy. Successful treatments provided by an experienced and thoroughly skilled osteopath have been turning to cannot be discounted. Many who have been suffering from excruciating back pains for a long time share how the gradual effects of osteopathy led them to full recovery. Likewise, they express how impressed they are with the way this treatment activated the body’s natural ability to heal itself, recover, and regain balance. Lastly, their exposure to the principles of osteopathy increased their understanding of how the body functions towards healing without the introduction of excessive pharmaceutical medicine, therefore allowing them to make changes in the way they use their bodies and improve their yoga practice.