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5 interesting yoga exercises for healthy feet

5 interesting yoga exercises for healthy feet

by May 5, 2018 Yoga

Yoga has quickly grown in popularity because of its tremendous benefits to a person’s body. One of the most appreciated benefits is healthy feet which come as a result of engaging in certain yoga exercises that are responsible for strengthening your balance as you learn to develop your foundation and stay grounded.

Here are 5 interesting yoga exercises that will help you have healthy feet.

Practicing the supine bound angle pose

Practicing the bound angle pose while on your back helps to stretch your hips at the same time releasing your back. While doing this, you can add a tennis ball as a prop and hold it between the soles of your feet. This will help add an additional massage as well as intensify the stretching of your hips while you increase the deftness of your feet.

Practicing the downward facing dog

As you practice the downward facing dog which is one of the introductory yoga poses you can add a little twist in it by raising your heels. This will help in providing a really good stretch for your feet. The task of lifting your heels up and down will help in stimulating and stretching your feet muscles thereby strengthening them and thereby keeping you safe from painful foot problems.

Practicing the mountain pose

The mountain pose is also one of the basic yoga poses that helps in teaching you to be grounded thereby finding your balance. During this pose you can incorporate toe lifts as well as curls which help in redistributing balance. This has a tremendous benefit in tuning your feet and activating your foot arches.

Practicing the legs up the wall pose

The legs up the wall pose is one of the restorative yoga poses that is meant to help in reversing blood flow with the purpose of relieving tired and swollen feet. While doing this, you can add toe crunches which have the added benefit of activating and strengthening your feet.

Practicing the bound angle pose

The bound angle pose is meant to help in stretching your hips as you relax your mind. Adding a foot massage while you do this has tremendous benefits as it allows greater circulation which helps in relieving pain as well as building awareness about how your feet feel.

The next time you are doing your yoga poses be sure to add these simple yet very beneficial twists and get to experience the tremendous benefits on your feet. Keep in mind that balance starts from the feet therefore the healthier they are the more likely you are to enjoy the rest of your yoga poses.