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The 3 main health benefits of yoga for men

The 3 main health benefits of yoga for men

by October 5, 2018 Yoga

The growing popularity of yoga especially among women has resulted in a big percentage of men shying away from it because they see it as a woman’s thing. This is however a big misconception as yoga has some really good health benefits for men. In fact, many men will likely to turn to it once they get to read about these tremendous benefits that this article will highlight.

Here are the 3 main health benefits of yoga for men.

Yoga helps improve your sex life

If you have been experiencing a poor sex life which is common for men then yoga is the remedy for you. Yoga has actually been proven to improve sex drive in men. The various yoga exercise that a person does improves various parts of their physical, mental and spiritual body and these play a direct role in improving various aspect of their sex life such as confidence, sexual desire and drive, erection, ejaculation control and satisfaction which ultimately contribute to good sexual performance and with it a good sex life. This is one of the best solutions because its pill free and completely natural and very easy to do. It just requires time and commitment.

Yoga helps prevent injuries

Men are known to engage in many physically demanding activities that often make them prone to various types of injuries. Whether it’s spending time on the pitch playing your favorite sport, in the gym, or lifting furniture in your house, injuries can sneak up on you when doing any form of physical activity. Yoga has been proven to be a good remedy against injuries. The various exercises that help tone the body, strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility as well as range of motion help relieve tightness, strains and lengthen your muscles. These in turn help protect you from common injuries.

Yoga helps build muscle

Many men have the misconception that the only way to build muscle is by hitting the gym to lift weights. Well, yoga is a more fun alternative which comes with added benefits other than just building muscle. When you practice yoga, you learn to leverage on your natural body weight as well as resistance to build you muscle mass. As you engage in yoga you lengthen your muscles and tissue thereby improving blood flow. This improved blood flow ensures more oxygen gets to your muscles and this helps them recover much faster thereby enabling them to grow.

There are many more tremendous health benefits of yoga for men therefore we encourage you to visit your nearest yoga studio and get to experience these benefits first hand. We guarantee you that this will be your best decision.